Sex Games – How to Give a Woman an Orgasm on a Bus! (3 Tips to Get Away With it Yet Have Orgasms)

One of my friends had sex on a bus and she told me all about it. Here’s her story about wild orgasms and female ejaculations! I think everyone should try it.

Apparently she had been gambling in Vegas and decided to come back (and I mean come back) on a bus. She was down there with her friends and they thought it would be fun to ride the bus back.

When she got on the bus a handsome stranger helped her put her small bag above and she decided she liked him. He was ruggedly built, had a great smile, and was very polite.

She decided to sit next to him and soon they were laughing and acting like old friends. Once he got to know her he asked her what was the most exciting thing she’d ever done. She replied that she hadn’t done it yet but maybe would on the bus ride today. He knew how to get to her head and therefore, her body.

Tip #1. If you’re trying to get to a woman’s body then get to her head first. How do you do that? You communicate with her. Communication is one of women’s top 5 needs. For some women, that don’t get much adult communication, it is their #1 need.

They decided to do it – have sex on the bus. How did they get away with it without being arrested? Check out their clever little tactic.

Tip #2. If you’re trying to have sex in a public place, and perhaps a common carrier like a bus, then you better create a diversion.

The handsome stranger picked out a rough-looking guy and whispered in his ear. The guy agreed and held out his hand. The stranger gave him a $100 bill.

At that point, the rough-looking guy stood up in his seat and started yelling “the bus stinks.” He kept it up until finally the bus driver pulled over, walked back to the guy and asked him what his problem was.

The guy told him that the bus stunk in the front, like there were ripe diapers. The bus driver went up and down the aisle and almost everyone in the bus were complaining and standing up looking at the front.

In the meantime, the couple were in the bathroom having sex. Nobody was paying attention to them because of the commotion up front.

After ten minutes, they leisurely strolled up to the front with wide grins on their face. Nobody paid any attention to them.

Tip #3. The reason for their wide smiles is because they both had a great time (many great orgasms). The tip is if you’re going to do something dangerous that might wind you up in jail you better back up your words. This is no time for bragging without backing it up.

The stranger made sure that she had great orgasms by knowing her anatomy and her sexual physiology.

There are at least three things that any man must know about giving women orgasms:

1. Tease her clit lightly and with an intermittent action. In other words, don’t put a lot of pressure on it and don’t keep the action up steadily.

2. Use firm pressure on the g-spot. It is located 2 inches inside the lady, just past the pubic bone. Two fingers inside seems to be what most women respond best with.

3. Use combinations. It is difficult to coordinate this, but well worth it. You must use a steady, firm pressure with your two fingers while you’re using an intermittent, light touch with your thumb. It takes some practice but she will appreciate it.

The next time you take a bus trip look around to see if any couples are heading to the bathroom.

Dark Poeta Instance & How to Kill the 15 Bosses

Aion Dark Poeta is an instance which you can enter at level 50 and to enter it you need to have 5 or 20, depending on where you enter from, Blue Balaur Scales on you and a Rift Essence. If you have those items in your bag, you can exchange it for a Time Activation Stone, which will give you permission to enter Dark Poeta.

In Dark Poeta you will find 15 bosses. All of these bosses have their own specialties and each one needs a different approach if you want to kill them. Let’s go over the basics you need to know about every boss in Dark Poeta.

1: Spiritmaster Atmach

This is the first boss in Dark Poeta and one of the easiest one kill it. The scariest skill Spiritmaster Atmach does is a skill called “Reflect” and “Endless Power”. Whenever this buff is on the boss, do not attack it. If you do, you will most probably die. This buff can be removed by a Spiritmaster.

Another dangerous move is “Powerful Petrifaction”. This will petrify a random team member which makes him useless for a few seconds. But this debuff can be removed by a Cleric.

The additional monster Spiritmaster Atmach will spawn when it’s low on health, you can just ignore. It will vanish once the boss is dead.

2, 3, 4: Marabata of Power, Marabata of Poison and Marabata of Magic

All the Marabata bosses are the same and need to be killed the same way. So if you know how to kill 1 of them, you know how to kill all of them.

The trick with the Marabata bosses are the boosters / controllers (from here on called boosters) they have surrounding them. Each of the boosters does something else and each one of them has to be killed by a certain class.

When you move your mouse over a booster, it will tell you how it can be killed. For example, the defense booster can only be attacked by a melee class with close ranged attacks. If a ranged class attacks it from distance, the damage he or she does will be reflected to him.

Out of the 3 boosters, the one attack booster is the most dangerous one. Kill this one as soon as possible. The defense booster will give the Marabata a shield around his, which makes physical attacks useless as long as the shield is on him. DoT’s (damage over time) will still damage the Marabata through its shield. The third booster, the Marabata Property Controller, will call monsters within an area to the Marabata, so make sure you clear the area before you still killing the bosses. If you read the description on the boosters you will be just fine. The boosters spawn every so often and need to be killed as soon as possible.

5, 6: Noah’s Furious Shade & Spectral Elim Elder (The Tree Bosses)

These 2 bosses are very dangerous and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll definitely wipe your group here.

First problem with the Tree Bosses is that you need to find them. Not only can they be in a hidden state, but they also patrol a certain area, so unlike most of the other bosses, they are not always on the same spot.

After you’ve found them, you need to drag them to either an open area, where you can run away from their big AoE (Area of Effect) skills. Or you need to find object which you can hide behind, resulting in you and your group not being hit be the bosses AoE skills.

The boss attacks with Grudge Wound often. This is a single target skill and will hit the tank 99% of the time. This skill alone won’t kill anyone. But when the boss is at about 25% of its HP, it will cast a skill called “Root Entangle” and will put a debuff on everyone who’s within a certain range making them move very slowly. Once the boss is back from its hidden state, it will use a skill called “Deep Grudge Wound”. This skill alone won’t kill anyone either. But if you still have the debuff on you, you will most probably die in 1 hit. That’s why you need to run out of range (30meter) or hide behind an object.

7, 8, 9: Spaller Echtra, Spaller Dhatra & Spaller Rakantra (The Bug Bosses)

These 3 bosses have the same skills and are killed in the same way. Before you start killing these bosses, you will have to clear an area around the “Drana Lumps”, so that you have enough space to run freely between 2 of them. This is crucial!

Once the area is clear, you will drag any of the bug bosses on top of a drana lump. If the boss isn’t on a drana lump, it will receive very little damage from people. The DoT’s however, do the usual damage. To do regular damage on this boss, they have to be on a drana lump and they should be eating it.

While the boss is eating the lump, all physical damage will deal normal damage and all magical damage will deal about twice the usual damage. If the boss is about to move away from the drana lump, the buff he has will run out and it will give you a sign to move to the second drana lump.

When you are at the second drana lump, make sure you stand on the outer edge of the crater the drana lump is in. This will make sure the boss will go on the drana lump quickly. If it doesn’t go on it the first try, keep moving around. Keep moving the boss over the drana lump to make sure it will eat the lump. All of the 3 bosses can be killed on the same 2 drana lumps.

10: Telepathy Controller

The Telepathy Controller is yet another boss which is annoying to kill. This boss has a lot of AoE skills and will stun the whole group very often. Because the boss is located in a small area, there is no avoiding the AoE skills. Your Cleric will just have to heal everyone as best as he or she can.

When the Telepathy Controller is at about 75% of its HP, it will spawn an elite monster. This is a non agro monster and when it’s left alone, it will not attack anyone. If someone attacks it however, it has to be killed.

Other then the elite monster it spawn, it spawns 2 little worms every so often. You can ignore those and just focus on the boss. The worms will explode and deal damage, but this isn’t something major as long as the Cleric is paying attention.

After the Telepathy Controller is dead, it will do a skill twice where it pulls the group to him and dealing damage in the process. Be aware of this and have your Cleric top off everyone’s HP.

11, 12, 13: Main Power Generator, Auxiliary Power Generator & Emergency Generator

The trick with these 3 bosses is to kill 1 after the other without picking up the items the boss dropped. Because each of the bosses will spawn 4 purple balls and they will only disappear after all 3 of the bosses are dead.

Having said that, another point that needs attention is the position of the person that is being attacked by the boss. Because the boss attacks with AoE skills, it’s recommended that the person pulling agro is standing away from the rest of the group. This way the healing will be a lot easier and the chance of wiping a lot smaller.

At about 75% and 25% of the boss’ HP, it will spawn the purple balls and when it does that, the melee characters in the group should move away from the boss, so that they don’t die. There are 6 different types of balls and most of them do something different:

  • Shockwave Generator Core: Direct damage
  • Wave Generator Core: Direct damage
  • Light Generator Core: Direct damage
  • Summons Generator Core: Summons a monster
  • Confusion Generator Core: Confuses a person, making him or her run in a random direction
  • Torpidity Generator Core: Slows down a person

After you’ve killed all the Generators, the floating balls will disappear and you can pick up whatever they dropped. The next boss only appears when the 3 Generators are dead.

14: Brigade General Anuhart

Brigade General Anuhart only appears when you have killed the 3 Generator bosses. If will appear right in front of the portal which leads to the final boss.

Brigade General Anuhart will appear on a platform which is marked by 4 pillars surrounding it. If Brigade General Anuhart moves too far away from the platform, it will reset and you’ll have to fight it again from its full HP. So make sure it never leaves the platform it spawns on.

Brigade General Anuhart has a bag full of skills and it’s vital you know every one of them. To start off, at 75% if will summon 4 addition monsters and it will put a shield buff on himself. While it has the shield on, it will take very little damage. This shield can be removed by a Spiritmaster.

The next skill you should be aware of is Absorb Energy. When Brigade General Anuhart does this skill, it will recover some HP. The amount of HP Brigade General Anuhart recovers can be reduced by a Ranger’s Fleshcutter Arrow skill, or it can be totally neglected by a Templar’s Aether Armor skill.

After the Absorb Energy skill, it will cast a skill called Summoning Ritual, which spawns 4 monsters every 30 seconds and each time it will put a shield on himself. Have your Spiritmaster remove all his shields and you should be able to kill him without any problems.

15. Rank F, E, D, C, B, A, S Boss

What makes Dark Poeta special is that it adjusts the final boss on the group’s performance during the entire run. The quicker you do it and the more points you get, the stronger the final boss will be.

There are a lot of strategies involved in killing the S, A, B and C rank bosses. It’s so much that it will be written in a new article.

Guide To Be A Successful Soccerpunter

Why becomes a soccer bettor one may ask? Where it is considered a negative occupation where it is often regarded as non productive, immoral behaviour. well as for every other thing everything there is the pros n cons.if you able to use it to your advantage it could be becomes your full-time occupation or a second income. morever, soccer betting is a big thriving business where it is prevalent throughout the worldBy the use of statistics, experience and practice, an astute gambler can consistently beat the posted odds .however to do so one must behave in a manner consistent with success. one thing a successful bettor must do is to continually learn.


There is no single method that is considers the best method, everyones tackles the soccer problem differently,one thing for sure is the harder one works intelligently and practically and the more experience he has the more positive results he will realised.

Objective approach

The use of statistic to help the bettor to determine his picks. It should be noted that statistic are fundemental but its how they are used that makes the difference between winning and losing. however if everyone comes to the same conclusions the oddsmaker could still eliminate any advantages by adjusting the line to keep everyone guessing. either way it is to the bookies advantage.

Subjective approach

After yrs of handicapping the sub-conscious mind help the bettor to finalise his picks. when he starts to win the bettor will get carried away however if his results turns negative his emotions and his mind will short virtually making the bettor ineffective. it is extremely important the bettor at this time knows to hold back and observe for his form to pick up before betting again.


It should be noted that the best trends are those that are unique, valid and relatively unknown. any seasoned soccer bettor knows that once the trend becomes too popular the linesmen will adjust the line to leave people lost. when using trends you should notice whether it is getting stronger and weaker?

Bankroll mangement

Definition-the amount of money you set aside for betting and not hose for paying bills, groceries or money even when lost would not cause much unbalance in the bettors life.

How much to bet per game?

I would suggest 5% of your bankroll to be used for betting and not to bet more than 3 matches per day, reason because its very difficult to pick winners for every match and the most likely results are you will have a few winners and a few losers resulting in minimal bankroll growth which is the most likely results or worse lose all the bets which is highly possible. Another very important reason for this is you are able to gauage more accurately how much you will lose should you indeed lose.


To begin with, one must understands what he is up against, there is no method or systems that could contiunues to win every game , everyday, every week , month or year. good consistent handicapping means selecting more winners than losers. in order to be a successful bettor one must give lots of thoughts to why is the results this way ?and is there any reason behind it. when you manage to reveal the meaning behind it it is the time you feed back on the fat cow(bookmaker).

Soccer forum

I have seen a great prevalence use of soccer forums where soccer bettors post their picks. it is often noted that a lot of beginners try to note down those tipsters who is in hot form meaning those posting the corrects picks and then bet big following them .i strongly discourage people from doing so cause they were betting their hard earn money on people whom they never even meet or know and blindly follows theirs picks .this is very unhealthy why? cause the bettors himself have failed to come out with his own picks ,where he could be learning from his own mistakes and who knows those that are in the forum might be bookies themselves posting picks to lure the ignorant ones to be hooked.

Getting prepared mentally

One should be prepared mentally for losing and winnings cause either way it would lead to what I call a gambling syndrome. when the bettors keeps winnings he will be feeling over the moon during his hot streats and starts spending money like he is a king overnite however once he starts hitting the rough patch he will be losing sleeps if he bet a very substantial amount or can’t concentrate in his work. this is very unhealthy and how to curb this problem?By following a systematic money-management programs.

Is it possible to strike rich in a very short period say 1 month? It is possible for a soccer bettor to strike rich but that is provided he is extremely lucky during that month and makes more than 60% corrects picks and of those correct picks are those he bets bigs and the remainder 40% lossess are those he bets small. however one knows that what goes up must come down and the winners are those who are able to tide over the rough patch and then starts winning back when his form is back

Is it important to know all about the soccer team , soccer players statistic n does that makes me a better soccer better?

The answer is no cause soccer betting arena is a place where the booksmakers earns their money if by knowing every details could make you rich then all the soccer writers, soccer magazines editors are the ones who are driving big cars and living in big houses.

What makes a true soccer bettor an expert?

The ability to convert a given bankroll into profits based on practical bankroll management program and against some standard of odds and over a large number of games and over a period of time.

How to become a true soccer expert?

1. He should keep a record of all that days opening odds and closing odds. 2. print out the each respective wide table. 3. Write down the score 4. reason why the results to be this way and is there any trends. of course in order to look for particular trends you need soccer records. 5. keep meticulous and honest records of his play decisions and their results. this will teach him his strength and weakness. 6. learn how to bet on his own handicapping in order to realize the greatest profit. he then must discipline his action and play in respect of this plan in order to get the best results. 7. learn how to tackle his emotions as well as personal problems out of his decisions. if this becomes too difficult he should stop playing. 8. be constantly on the alert to make changes to his handicapping methods and techniques. 9. set up a plan of action for bankroll management and stick diligently to it.

Does soccer betting involves luck?

Answer: no, cause soccer results is preplanned meaning before the matches starts the results is already out. If you have been betting soccer for a period of time and keeping soccer records deligiently you would have discovered a trend and realized that its a cycle.

So which leagues are you gd in?

for each people they they dwell in different leagues for me I specialize in only 4 leagues namely EPL, Italy serieA , Spanish primera and german bundesliga.

How to tackle soccer cups and normal weekend domestic league?

There are lots of soccer matches throughout the soccer season and the techniques involves in dealing with different matches differs differently and at different timing of the season.

Does the bookmaker lose money?

ANS : yes there are times but seldom. bookmakers lose money then the strong team win throughout the tournamnet eg euro2000 but that is short-term loss.They will continues to win the soccer punters money as long as there are soccer matches. Why? Cause there will be different opionions from different soccer punters just the vigourish/water money alone is able to cover their losses and that is excluding fixed match where they win even more. Another useful tool they are armed with is they understands that all gamblers have a common weakness. They bet bigger and bigger when winning and bets even bigger to chase their loss when either case it is to the bookmakers edge.

Contary to the belief of many where they think they are winning the bookmakers money , it is the other soccer punters ie, their friend’s money whom they are winning.the only way to bust the bookmaker/bookies is not to bet or share part of the pie the bookmaker is having.

Soccer cups

There are namely a few more popular ones are uefa cup, uefa champions league, league cup, fa cup, worthington cup, international friendlies, Italian cup, Spanish cup.

Why is it important to do a form analysis on oneself?

It is because people when they are in a winning streats they tend to win more frequent cause I find that it got to do with ones confidence level. they becomes not afraid to lose and I believes that if one believe in himself strongly he will perform much better than one who is afraid of losing.

Betting strategy

Overview- When you do keep records you could trace your own form and make adjustment from there.

Flat betting strategy

This is the strategy I use when I am determining which way my form is going. up or down. Another reason to test out new leagues where I’m unfamiliar.

PROS – this strategy would produce a even amt of risk for money wagered but however if you are able to pick on the right team you could earn a average profit, CONS -but due to the water money and the increase in the no.of bets before you could see a tidy handsome profit this will constitue to be the downside.

Progressive betting strategy

I adopt the progressive betting strategy method which is to multiply my previous winnings by 0.5 and use it for the next bet which is the strategy I adopt when my form are when 3 or more wins consecutively. Reason why? There is a Chinese saying “hit the iron while its hot” which I find it to be very true cause there are many opportunities in soccerbetting where if you are able to recognize it and bet bigger than usual, PROS- there is a potential higher return rate then if you flat bet.CONS-when you do adjust your bet amt you are relatively exposing yourself to more risk this is the tradeoff where you could lose potentially more.

Reduced betting strategy

When do you adopt this is when you have been picking the wrong team all the time example say 3 straight lose which is very common caused I realized that this is the time where people starts to bet big to chase their loss. this is very wrong caused when one is down on luck or the bookmaker has adjusted the line to confuse the bettor they should stay calm n reduced their bets or not bet at all.PROS- reduced money lost and try to minimize serious damage to original bankroll.CONS-if the picks do win you could not cover back your previous loss due to reduction in wager.this is the trade-off.

Why is it important to find the right time frame before u bet and does it make a difference?

It is important because if now you are in a losing streats it is best to control oneself before you jump into it and wack hard to chase back your lossess most likely you will lose .it is best to make own prediction first and see if your form is back if it is slowly getting back now is time to jump in cause once you run out of bullets during your losing streats it is very difficult to fight back.

Dungeons and Dragons is For Losers

Dungeons and Dragons is an abomination. In both term and action it has choked the birth of emerging art forms, making it nearly impossible for interactive storytelling to move beyond its infancy into the realm of being a mature and accepted art form.

The game itself is quite brilliant. There are a complex series of rules, which are used to create a fairly realistic imagined setting, one which is flexible enough that others can easily participate in controlling the direction in which the story goes.

The problem is that it is inherently exclusionary. To participate you have to undergo a relatively complex character creation process, with dozens of options available, and a variety of numeric choices to make which can boggle the mind of anyone who wants to be just a casual player.

Even if the character is made for you (removing any choice you have in its outcome) you still have to participate in a game with rules that govern almost every action. Looking at statistics written down on a character sheet, you have to numerically determine if it’s a smart decision to try and climb that wall. This isn’t Candy Land, this game is hard.

This can sap the creativity and fun from the game for all but the most number nimble participants.

In a lot of ways it’s like playing poker, except you have to go through an elaborate application process to get into a game, and then when your there, everyone’s using monopoly money.

Another major problem with the game is that it’s difficult to engage an audience. People don’t want to expand the effort to imagine that four guys rolling dice are really brave adventurers marching through and ancient castle. It doesn’t translate well to an audience, and so acquiring people to play, is a process of convincing them to go through the elaborate setup process, and then learn the rules.

LARP’ing, is a kind of roleplaying, similar to D&D, except people dress up in costumes and actually go out into the real world as the imaginary characters in the game. Unfortunately even this has not managed to find a way to create work which can engage and interest an audience.

However, the fact that it’s a difficult, exclusionary, waste of time doesn’t make D&D bad. Every hobby is like that, and spending your time collecting stamps has no more social value than exploring a cavern with your elven friends.

The problem with D&D is that it is hiding a much more potent and powerful art form behind its complicated trappings. Interactive storytelling, live action plays, real time, fictional creation, these are the cutting edge art forms which are just now emerging from the dark age of dice.

In chat rooms, forums, and on social networks we are seeing real stories being written, by multiple authors, sometimes hundreds of people all working to tell the best tale possible. These stories are being merged with photos and pictures which are being created to help bring these interactive worlds to life.

As the technology gets better, were seeing video and animation being integrated into this as well. Slowly Hollywood is merging with the box on your desk. As the future approaches, we will see movies that we create, populated by a cast of thousands, each one behind a camera, a screen, or a pen, adding their own personality to the living novels that are being born.

Unfortunately, D&D is no longer helping this process. It may have started as a way to get people to think about stories in an interactive way, but it has since turned into a demeaning and debilitating word. The inherent self indulgence of it stems from the fact that it’s a game. However as people are starting to open their eyes, their seeing that the act of role playing is more than a game, it’s a form of expression, it’s an emerging art.